Camp Giraitė FAQs


Can I bring my kids to Camp Giraitė?

A number of our attendees are legally obligated to stay 500 feet away from children, so we would appreciate it if you could leave the kids at home.


Is Camp Giraitė CO-ED?

The weekend is in COnnecticut and run by ED, but that’s as close to Co-ed as this weekend will get.


Are there door prizes at Camp Giraitė?

This year we are awarding a vasectomy to the person who says the dumbest thing during the weekend.  We expect the competition to be fierce.


Where do I stay?

There are many lovely spots to stay on the grounds of Camp Giraitė. 

  1. -If your name is Ed you can reserve a spot in our lovely villa.

  2. -Some of our guests stay on the Upper East side, where on Sunday morning they are traditionally woken up by the gentle sounds of Saturday’s dinner coming back up out of you-know-who’s stomach.

  3. -Some of our guests stay Downtown by the camp fire.  They usually report have the most unusual dreams, most likely because of the Deadhead contingent that spends most of the night worshipping by the flames

  4. -A number of our guests have been known to sleep wherever they finally fall down; whether it’s in the woods, in their car, in the middle of the road or on a float in the middle of the pond.

  5. -One of our more adventurous guests stayed on top of the jungle gym and delighted the rest of the campers by starting his day with an invigorating slide down the slide.


How long is Camp Giraite? 

Camp is open from dinner on Friday until lunch on Sunday, but it will feel much, much longer.


What should I do to plan for Camp Giraite?

         - Call your insurance agent to make sure that your premiums are up to date.

        - Eat six Kosher pickles.


If you could compare the weekend to a movie, what movie would it be?

The goal was to be able to compare the weekend to the movie The Hangover; replacing the hooker, Mike Tyson and Las Vegas Nevada with a grilled sausage, another grilled sausage and Ashford Connecticut.  In practice though, the weekend has worked out to be more like The Goonies.  Thankfully, we haven’t progressed to the Blair Witch Project yet.

(Ačiū Vydai!)